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Do you have Childcare during Sunday services?

Yes, for ages 3 and under nursery care is provided. Sunday school is available following worship for ages 4 and up.


Do you have a nursing mothers room?

Yes, it’s located adjacent to the sanctuary and there is a live audio feed from the service with an adjustable volume so mother’s have a choice to hear and see the service.

Could you marry us?

We will consider marrying a couple that stands in full compliance and agreement with our statement of faith, the use of our ministry facilities for religious purposes alone, and have completed premarital counseling required by our pastor and elders. Since we hold that marriage is a sacred covenant in God's eyes, all wedding ceremonies in our ministry facilities are Christian worship services.

Can I rent the church building? 

We do rent out the use of our ministry facilities for special events, as long as the proposed event stand in full compliance with the mission of our church, statement of faith, facility policies, and availability. The Lord has blessed us with a large facility with several classrooms, and gathering spaces. Pricing begins at $250 per day.  Please contact the office at for pricing and policies.

Can someone pray for me or my family?

Always! We would love to pray for you following our service, or you can schedule personal prayer by calling the office 262-628-7770. If you don't get an answer, leave a voicemail and we will contact you shortly. 

Could you come and bless our home?

Yes we can! We have a team of intercessors who would be happy to visit your home to bless it. Just call the office to set up an appointment.

Could you interpret a dream I am worrying about?

Yes, please call the office (262-628-7770) to make an appointment with our prophetic team.

Can I donate online?

Yes, we have set up a PayPal account to receive donations. Click here to go to our donations page: 


What is an elder-led church?

A board of elders, which includes our pastor, oversees the spiritual progress of the church. There are usually no less than 5 people on the board. They have final authority in all matters of church governance, as set forth and described in the Bylaws of our constitution. The elders are the Church’s final interpretive authority on the Scriptures’ meaning and application with regards to the purposes of church doctrine, practice, policy, and discipline. They also oversee and participate in the ministries of the Church.

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