Paving the path

Thank you so much for visiting our blog. I would like to use this opportunity to tell you of our vision for the use of this blog.

Foremost, our blog is conversational. This means that responses to the entries are as important as the entries themselves. I, and other blog writers, will engage you with a series of topics, meditations, testimonies, and issues that pertains to our vision, our ministry, the faith community of Wooded Hills Church, and faith in general. Keep your questions and your comments short and honoring, and we will respond on your entries in return.

Our intention with our blog is to be a place in cyberspace, where we can discuss those things that are life-changing, ministry forming, and faith building. In good company, we can face the horizon with the fixed rudder of Scripture, the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and comradery of fellow Kingdom Builders.

Join the conversation, ask some good questions, tell us what the Lord showed you in reading these posts, and email me suggestions for future posts, or possible blog entries. Let’s set off and see what the Lord wants to do in us, through is, and for us.

Grace abounds,

Theo Williams (

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