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Short History

Our community first came together to worship on December 6, 1987. The service was held in a home of one of the members and 121 people attended. One week after, we moved and met in Plat School (Monches Rd., Colgate). 


During December 1987 to January 1988, we chose our church name, began a youth ministry, and formed a missions committee. On March 13, 1988, “Wooded Hills Bible Church” became incorporated as a non-denominational Christian congregation.  We shortened our name in 2012.


Since Wooded Hills Church emerged out of difficult circumstances from Northbrook Church in Richfield, we were led to reconcile with Northbrook in 1993. We sent a representative with a letter of repentance that was read aloud, and forgiveness was granted. April 1995, we purchased 43 acres of land for a building. On the first Sunday in January 2000, we celebrated God by dancing in our new building! 


Worship renewal started in 1997 when the Holy Spirit began moving on us in incredible ways. Many within our congregation received supernatural dreams, visions, prophecies, and promptings. We witnessed several major healings and deliverances. These events started us on a journey of discovering the interactive working of the Holy Spirit.


Over the years, we have steadily affirmed a greater degree of participation within the mission of the Church by the empowerment of the Holy Spirit. We are pursuing greater maturity within the move of the Holy Spirit. We actively pursue discipleship as a model of growth within every aspect of our mission. In 2009 we started to emphasize the laying on of hands after witnessing hundreds of healings on short-term missions around the world.


We have made it our work to be a people of the prophetic, a people of hope! In January 2011, Theo & Jolie Williams, ministering movement artists joined our team. They started serving us as senior pastor and artistic director.  For the last ten years or more, we believe that the Lord has been emphasizing discipleship, His desire to heal and equip, His love of the arts, and His commission to reach out to those in need of His touch.


Consequently, we began healing services, worship events, and outreaches, seeing many miraculous physical and spiritual healings. We have seen an ever-greater degree of artistic expression within our community. We have also witnessed the faithfulness of God in many answered prayers, miracles, and the expansion of artistic ministry alongside the proclamation of the gospel. 

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