Group Dance

August 8-12th Performing Arts Workshop

Summer Arts Camp

August 8-12, 2022

Discover the power of performing arts in this fun week-long summer workshop. Students learn to move, create, communicate, and perform with physical theater techniques. Physical theater teaches posture, expression, body control, confidence, and creativity in a positive and safe environment. Students will also be introduced to a biblical foundation of the arts and the physical body. The workshop concludes with an informal showing for family and friends, as well as an invitation to perform during Friday’s arts worship night. 

Dance Class


Theo & Jolie Williams

Theo and Jolie have performed mime, dance, and physical theater internationally for the last 20 years. As teachers, they taught at Mimeistry College of Ministering Arts and Innovo Conservatory of Physical Theatre in Pasadena, California. They have also taught countless workshops to adults, teens, and children around in the world. They both received their Doctorate of Worship studies at Robert E. Webber Institute of Worship Studies, and they are passionate about teaching arts theology and philosophy to equip believers to create powerful art in ministry. 

Theo is senior pastor at Wooded Hills Church in Colgate, WI, and lead costume designer of Pantaloon Productions Entertainment. (See Jolie writes and publishes children’s stories that she uses in performance. (See Together they love to worship in movement and share the heart of God through performing arts ministry.